April Newsletter - Polaris Property Management


Millard Kaufman said, “I glanced out the window at the signs of spring. The sky was almost blue, the trees were almost budding, the sun was almost bright.” 

We made it through another winter, and the time of broken brackets, so now we can look forward to all of those things that make Indiana so great in the spring as we listen for the sounds of race cars, tractors and sneezing (okay, maybe that is just me)! 

There are a lot of things that happen in April – from April Fools day on the first to National Bugs Bunny Day on the 30th, (Yes, it is a real day – Honest – oh, and Honest Day is also the 30th.) 

It seems like we take every opportunity to celebrate. And that is good. 

For owners of rental or lease properties, the tenant is your customer. Without the tenant, nothing happens. If you want to be successful in business, learn what other successful people are doing and mimic them. The large apartment industry is often backed by Wall Street money. These investors have done tons of research, tenant surveys, and pored over data to find the secret sauce to maximize profit. 

They discovered that providing an amazing experience for the tenant pays off. Look for ways to celebrate your tenants! It might be a card, a call to check up that everything is working properly or just a “I wanted to see how you are doing and if everyone is doing fine” call. 

Show some interest. celebrate your tenants, and enjoy the spring! 

HOA Violations are no April Fool’s Day Joke 

When a resident moves into an HOA or community association, they agree to follow a certain set of rules created by the board of directors. Those rules can cover anything from noise restrictions to the types of flowers they can plant in their front yard. Most certainly, they cover fees and HOA violations. 

As a landlord for a property in an HOA or community association, it’s up to you to issue and track HOA violations in minute detail, and to take legal action against repeat offenders evenhandedly. 

You could do it yourself, or, you can work with a Property Management Company that has an established clear process that is followed to the letter so that all violations are evenly and fairly applied. Of course, you can set up to record HOA violations and keep a separate file of related documents, but wouldn’t it be easier to have everything in one place? 

Polaris’ Property Management’s software can help issue and track violations from complaints to a first warning through legal action (should it be necessary). Still, what’s most critical is the violation process that you build and uphold. We have a number of methods and ways to help do just that—and we use our technology along the way to help 

Check out our listing of the
Six Steps to Airtight HOA Violation Tracking.


Polaris Property Management knows and understands property management and working with tenants, landlords and owners. If you have questions about how we can save you time, energy, frustration and keep you from missing that game – give us a call. You will be surprised at how affordable hiring the right property management team can be. Contact Dan Baldini to set up an appointment!