Boone County

Located just northwest of Marion County, Boone County has a reported a population of 56,640.

The county seat is the town of Lebanon. and the largest town is Zionsville.

Boone County, Indiana

Boone County lies near the center of the state. It is 24 miles (38.6 km) from east to west and 17.5 miles (28.2 km) from north to south. It contains about 418.5 square miles (108,500 hectares), two-thirds of which is in cultivation. Its central position, excellent soil, and available water power have been in its favor. The highest point of the county (984 feet/300 meters ASL) is a small hill two miles (3.2 km) northeast of Lebanon. The upper part of the county is drained by Sugar Creek, flowing westward into Montgomery County; the southwest part of the county is drained by Big Raccoon Creek, also flowing west-southwestward into Montgomery. The southeast part of the county is drained by Eagle Creek and its tributaries, flowing southward into Marion County.

According to the 2010 census, the county has a total area of 423.25 square miles (1,096.2 km2), of which 422.91 square miles (1,095.3 km2) (or 99.92%) is land and 0.34 square miles (0.88 km2) (or 0.08%) is water

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In 1787, the fledgling United States defined the Northwest Territory, which included the area of present-day Indiana. In 1800, Congress separated Ohio from the Northwest Territory, designating the rest of the land as the Indiana Territory. President Thomas Jefferson chose William Henry Harrison as the territory’s first governor, and Vincennes was established as the territorial capital. After the Michigan Territory was separated and the Illinois Territory was formed, Indiana was reduced to its current size and geography. By December 1816 the Indiana Territory was admitted to the Union as a state.

Starting in 1794, Native American titles to Indiana lands were extinguished by usurpation, purchase, or war and treaty. The United States acquired land from the Native Americans in the 1809 treaty of Fort Wayne, and by the treaty of St. Mary’s in 1818 considerably more territory became property of the government. This included the future Boone County, designating areas covered by the Delaware New Purchase.

Boone County was created by the state legislature on 1 April 1830, with Jamestown (which had been first settled that year) named as the initial county seat. The county was named for frontiersman Daniel Boone. The interim county commissioners met on 1 May of the following year to identify a permanent seat of government, which by law had to be within 2 miles (3.2 km) of the county’s center; the [future] city of Lebanon was selected to serve this purpose.

Boone County Cities

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