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Keeping a well maintained and safe property is vital to your investment journey and to your reputation in the property industry.

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We serve landlords who have figured out they have better things to do with their time than babysit all the thousands of details and issues which come along with managing tenants, taking care of their rental properties, and all other property management concerns.

You want to offer prospective tenants a comfortable and secure investment property. You also want to safeguard your investment, especially since it is largely at the mercy of others. The issues for investors are generally related to upkeep, damage and tenants.

The risks of rental property ownership get significantly reduced when Polaris Property Management of Indianapolis, is your residential or commercial investment property manager.

Your Cash Flow Is Maximized by Minimizing Expenses and Vacancy

Polaris Property Management provides award-winning service for landlords looking to reduce risk and maximize cash flows for their rental property.

We know the renting out your home brings about a lot of what-ifs.

  • What if tenants don’t pay or damage property?
  • How will we pay for and handle repairs?
  • How much investment is required?


We handle Your Problems

We Manage Property Issues, So you Don’t Have To!

Polaris Property Management is an award-winning property management company serving the Greater Indianapolis area. We take pride in our RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT property management team and have confidence that we can help your new property investment opportunities thrive.


We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service in a quality environment. Our mission is to be the leader in middle market residential property management — a goal we attain through our extensive processes and documented procedures and our talented Polaris Team.

We understand that our customers define the standard of quality and service, and their loyalty must be earned.

NOTE: Polaris Property Management, LLC only manages homes built after 1979.

Our Landlords & Owners

First Time Landlords

The growth of real estate has inspired an interest for a new wave of property investors to take advantage of various opportunities. In particular, this includes first-time investors eager to take their first step into the property market.

Sell Lords

As a landlord, you want to be able to offer prospective tenants a dwelling that is comfortable and secure. You also want to safeguard your investment, especially since it is largely at the mercy of others. The possible issues for investors are generally related to upkeep, damage and tenants. All these things can be costly, so it’s best to be proactive and take preventive measures before they take a chunk out of your savings.

Experienced Landlords

As an experienced investor, you know what an excellent source of income property leasing can be. What you might not know is how much better your results can be with the help of a property management company. At Polaris Property Management, we are your partner in rental investment and leasing management.

We Find Great Tenants For You

Polaris Real Estate Group, Inc. has a unique and proven system in place to expose your rental property to qualified tenants.

Our team will locate that well-qualified tenant for your property. This is our specialty and we do it so well that other Indianapolis area MIBOR agents refer their Clients to our company!

Want to learn more about what happens when a Tenant decides to apply for your rental? Let’s chat.

How We Find Your Tenant Quickly And Confidently:

Advertising and Exposure:

  • Polaris Real Estate has extensive website placement on over 72 sites, including Zillow, Trulia, HotPads and others.
  • Full MLS exposure
  • Our scheduling and showing process is easy & quick using our software and lock boxes that feature Self-Showing technology



  • Polaris real estate’s prompt approval system: we guarantee prospective tenants same day approval notification. This gets you more applicants faster than competing properties.
  • Rapid follow-up on all email and phone inquiries from tenants
  • Discounts on same-tenant, same property lease renewals

Quick Tips For Landlords and Owners

Quick Tips From Your Polaris Property Management Team:

Have a Very Clear Purpose

  • Establish what is motivating you to invest
  • Do you know the areas of your property investments? It is important to research the areas where your properties are located as to understand its climate and to gauge where there may be other opportunities available.

Evaluate The Potential Of Your Property Investment

  • Examine the property and its potential: which properties offer the most room for growth and profit?
  • Factor in important details such as: maintenance, repair, and business fees attached to the property. Payment terms, loans and interest will also affect the total amount you need to spend to secure your investment.


We provide leasing and property management services for rentals at or over $1,300 per month in rent.

If your rental is under this price point, we can possibly refer you to a different company – Just ask!