Dan Baldini

Property Management Just Got Way Easier

(at least according to the 250+ folks we’ve helped so far…)

The Problem

Empty Rental = No Revenue

As a landlord (or property owner considering turning your property into a rental) do you have the knowledge, time and energy to do what needs to be done?

The tenants have moved out and now you not only have to find new renters, but you have to “turn the property” as quickly as possible. How can you get the property pre- work done?  That includes coordination of:

    • Painting
    • Cleaning
    • Carpets Cleaned or Replaced
    • Repairs

And don’t forget the Move Out Condition Report to explain the non-refund of deposits or the New Tenant Move In Condition Report with photos and video?

Did you remember the Mid-lease Audit Report?  Was that documented and filed?

On Demand Property Prep by Polaris Property Management can remove the headaches that every landlord has with those items at tenant turns. When you don’t need the full Property Management Package, our Done For You (DFY) On Demand services can remove the headaches of Tenant Turnover.

And you may find that we can make it stupidly easy for you to let us help with your monthly issues of rent collection and repairs…