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August – State Fair Time and the Fields are Ready to Harvest

Polaris Property Management welcomes you to our August newsletter, packed with exciting updates, comprehensive resources, and the very latest from the real estate industry.

Festivals, Concerts, Special Events (like the National Night Out Against Crime), the Indiana State Fair and ComicCon – Not to mention the kids going back to school!  Indiana is the place to be in August!

Bringing you a round up of the latest news, ideas and tips to maximize your experience as a landlord or REALTOR®.

How to Be a Good Landlord to Attract Better Tenants

Income from rentals can be an incredibly profitable way to earn passive income. People who have amassed real estate portfolios enjoy healthy returns on their investments for long periods. Some have even been able to retire from their regular jobs while earning from the rental from their properties. What some people don’t realize about real estate investments is that while it does earn passive income, there is still a lot of active work involved.

It is one thing to own real estate, managing it is another. As an owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the place is livable, that the basic utilities are working, and the common areas like lobbies and gardens are well clean and well-kept. If you own multiple real estate units, hiring a property management company to take care of these day-to-day concerns can be an excellent way to conserve valuable time and money.

It sounds counterintuitive to spend on something to save money. Even so, the benefits of hiring a property manager may improve your profitability, especially if you don’t have the time and attention to attend to all the needs of your tenants and properties. If you want to know how you can preserve your profit margins, here are five ways an expert property manager can help:

1) They will keep your units occupied

Any property that remains vacant is a drain on your resources. Each month without a tenant means having no income to cover your amortization and taxes. Property managers usually have a team of leasing agents that can plug this gap by conducting promotional activities, source leads for prospective tenants, and conduct tours and viewings. They can leverage their network of realtors to find clients quickly and efficiently to minimize vacancies so you can maximize your revenue.

2) They will attend to repairs

Any home will need periodic repairs, whether it is water leaks, busted light bulbs, or broken floorboards. These incidents can happen at any time of day or night, which means you can get a call from a desperate client at all hours of the day. If you’re attending to several concerns at a time, it can be time-consuming and exhausting to have to coordinate repairs and supervise them as well. An experienced property manager will have a repair crew on hand, ready to address any situation.

3) They can implement maintenance schedules

One of the best ways to save money is to conduct regular preventive maintenance of your building equipment, such as HVAC systems, water heaters, and back up power generators. If you have substantial equipment like lifts and escalators, these should be periodically maintained as well. It will prolong their useful life and keep building facilities running smoothly. 

With a property manager on board, they can perform routine inspections and prevent unexpected breakdowns. You can also request your management service to ensure regular pest control, landscaping work, and pool maintenance is carried out, so you don’t need to worry about falling behind on these critical items.

4) They can enforce house rules

Nothing can be more time consuming for property owners than to have to make sure tenants are not violating your guidelines. Checking in on tenants can be especially challenging in multi-apartment complexes that sharing large common areas. You can hire a third party to mediate on these matters so you can focus on more important endeavors, like finding more properties to invest in.

5) They can ensure timely rental collections

The best thing that property owners can look forward to is the rental collections at the start or end of each month. While some lessees diligently pay ahead of time or on the due dates, some tenants will make the process more difficult for you for one reason or another. A property management service can take care of this for you, or even use digital platforms to facilitate faster payments.

Additionally, a well-managed property will ensure that the tenants will have no reason not to make their rental payments on time. 

In Conclusion

Being a good landlord is not just about offering space for lease, but it also about providing your clients with services that enhance the experience of living in your property. Happy tenants pay their rentals on time and renew their leases. By securing the services of a property management company, you can satisfy all the concerns of your occupants while having more time and money to do with whatever you please.

Our Guide to Retiring on Real Estate Income

Many people think that retirement plans are one-time payouts at the end of a long career. What they don’t realize is that retirement should be a strategy that supplies you with a stable income stream without needing employment.

One of the best retirement strategies is to earn income from real estate investments. Retiring on real estate means building a portfolio of rental properties that cover your daily expenses as well as gives you discretionary income. 

Investing in real estate has many advantages. Unlike owning a retail store or restaurant, it needs little day-to-day involvement in operations and maintenance. The market is also relatively stable compared to stocks or currencies. 

When it comes to retirement, recurring income should dominate your portfolio. Rental properties can fetch yields on investment that outpace inflation and short-term deposits. Buying and selling properties can definitely be a lucrative venture, however, maintaining steady cash flow is the objective of retirement planning. With the right mix of investments, it is possible to retire with passive income from real estate.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to generate a retirement plan from real estate income:

Review your current expenses

Before you can retire, you will need to know how much money you will need to cover your basic expenses. Take into account your current taxes, mortgage payments, utilities, insurance plans, and grocery expenses, among other things. You should then add the amount of discretionary spending you do. These include vacations, non-essential shopping, and money that you spend on your hobbies and interests. When you have taken stock of all of your actual cost of living, you will know how much money you will need to earn from your real estate investments in order to safely retire.

Look for the right investment property

You will need to identify a property in a location that will be attractive to renters. A building without tenants will not provide you the income you need. To test the market, you can search online or consult a property management company for properties that are in high demand and which areas renters usually gravitate towards. Consider accessibility to transportation, proximity to schools or hospitals, and if there are conveniences like groceries or restaurants nearby. Ask yourself what considerations you would make as a renter, and look for the right property based on that criteria.

Seek financing

When you’ve found the right property, it is important to get the best interest rates for your mortgage so you can keep your costs low. Timing can be a factor when applying for a mortgage, so make sure you check the market for the lowest interest rates and payment terms. Your mortgage should be within or less the amount of total income you will receive from rental, so that your investment can pay for itself, with cash to spare.

Re-invest your money

Once you’ve made your first or second investments, the profits from it can be reinvested in a new property. This way, you can grow your income exponentially. You should continuously reinvest until you reach a level of income that makes you feel comfortable enough to leave your day job. 

 Hire a property manager

If you have multi-unit properties or houses in several locations, it would be wise to seek the services of a professional property management company. They can be the ones to look for tenants for you, as well as address concerns of your lessees like maintenance and repairs. This will save you precious time and allow you to enjoy your retirement spending your hard-earned money. 

Early retirement is possible with a well-managed real estate portfolio. Many people don’t realize you don’t need to wait until your sixties if you make the right investments. With carefully chosen properties and the right service partner to do the legwork, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is waiting for rental collections each month.


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