The Top Property Management Newsletter and Events for May 2022

It’s May in Indianapolis!
We wanted to bring you a round up of the latest news, ideas and tips to maximize your experience as a landlord or REALTOR®.

May Means Memorials & Machines!

Once a year, over Memorial Day weekend, some 300,000+ racing fans make the pilgrimage to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) for the largest single-day sporting event in the world. The Indy 500 has long defined the hallowed ground of the Speedway, but there are plenty of ways beyond the race to experience IMS.

Cars are on the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for most of May. Whether or not you make it to the Indy 500, there are plenty of opportunities to see cars circle the famed speedway.

The month of May in Indy includes a full slate of events put on by the 500 Festival to get fans, and the city, excited in the build-up to the big race. Below are a few highlights of festival events for 2022:

  • Mini-Marathon: May 7, 2022 – Join 30,000+ runners, joggers, walkers, and wheelchair participants as you take over the streets of downtown Indianapolis for The Greatest Spectacle in Running – the Indy Mini. All participants will receive a goodie bag, a participant bib, and a finisher’s medal.
  • IndyCar Grand Prix: May 14, 2022 – Kick-off the month of May at IMS with the stars of the IndyCar series taking on the twists and turns of the road course at IMS.
  • Kids Day: May 15, 2022 – Have fun at Indiana’s largest free outdoor festival just for kids. With interactive, educational displays in a carnival-like atmosphere, Kids’ Day gives children the opportunity to stretch their minds and their muscles.
  • Rookie Run: May 15, 2022 – This non-competitive fun run is designed just for children ages 3 – 10 and run distances are set based upon a child’s age. All participants will receive a goodie bag, a participant bib, and a finisher’s medal – just like the Indy Mini participants.
  • Memorial Service: May 26, 2022 – While we celebrate racing, the city doesn’t forget the significance of Memorial Day as a weekend to remember the sacrifices made by men and women who perished while serving our country.
  • Festival Parade: May 28, 2022 – One of the original 500 Festival events, the AES 500 Festival Parade is one of the nation’s largest, most-respected parades, consistently earning national acclaim alongside the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. More than 300,000 people will line the streets of downtown Indianapolis to experience the larger-than-life floats, giant helium balloons, celebrities and dignitaries, award-winning bands, and all 33 drivers competing in the Indy 500.
  • 106th Running of the Indianapolis 500: May 29, 2022 – Thirty-three drivers. 200 laps. 500 miles. One bottle of cold milk. The only thing missing from this magical Indianapolis 500 mix is you. Don’t miss out on another incredible edition of “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”


(a guest post)

It is amazing how the meaning of Memorial Day has changed through the years.

Growing up in Indiana, Memorial Day meant a weekend of racing and fried chicken. The Purdue Band (with the giant drum) and bagpipes.  And I can’t forget the motorcycle drill team and a glass bottle of cold milk.

As I grew older, my understanding of the meaning of Memorial Day has changed. I now realize that it is a time to honor and recognize the sacrifices made by those who have died to protect our freedom. It is crucial to always remember those brave heroes. 

I am somewhat ashamed to admit that before my son enlisted in the Army National Guard, the last Monday in May was simply a much-anticipated day off work, a holiday, a day in the backyard with my family, the beginning of a grand summer season.  When my son stood and took an oath to defend this country, Memorial Day took on a whole new context.  I was terrified my son would be one of the heroes honored on what now became a solemn and important day in my life.   I was jolted into a new appreciation for this special day in May. 

 As he would talk about friends that were not coming home to their parents, spouses or children, that last Monday in May became a sad, reminder of what we have in this country and what so many have given for me.  

The Memorial weekend at the race no longer means just joyous family times.  Instead, Memorial Day became a day of sadness and mourning, tears and pain.  It made me question: How could anyone possibly display fireworks or celebrate with concerts and auto races?  Didn’t they know someone’s son or daughter, mother, father, or spouse was dead? How could anyone see past their grief to appreciate the day for what it really represented? 

Wow!  Memorial Day is finally upon us.  The last Monday in May has become a day to anticipate with joy and pride.  Memorial Day has taken on yet another meaning for me.   What a privilege to attend Memorial Day services at a national cemetery as well as the concerts and festivities at the track.   Rather than sadness and mourning, there will be celebration.   Rather than tears and pain, there will be camaraderie and healing.   Memorial Day is a time for family memories and invaluable time spent together.   And finally, Memorial Day has become a day of pride, honor and celebration.  Instead of mourning death, I will celebrate those whose life and service were given for our country.  

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