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MARCH Madness takes place annually every March.

The whole concept of March Madness dates back to 1939, meaning it has been played for over 80 years.

What is March Madness 2022?

March Madness is the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament.

The event is a single-elimination tournament made up of 68 teams that compete in a total of seven rounds for the national championship.

The penultimate round is known as the Final Four, when only four teams are left.

In 2021 the NCAA hosted the entire tournament in one geographic location for the first time ever due to the coronavirus pandemic.

When does March Madness start 2022?

This year, March Madness will take place from March 13 to April 4, 2022.

Selection Sunday will also commence on March 13 this year.

This particular event called Selection Sunday is the day when the Selection Committee reveals the full NCAA tournament bracket.

Selection Sunday will also reveal all teams and all seeds for the season.

Below is the schedule for March Madness 2022:

  • First Four: March 15-16
  • First round: March 17-18
  • Second round: March 19-20
  • Sweet 16: March 24-25
  • Elite Eight: March 26-27
  • Final Four: April 2
  • NCAA championship game: April 4

The First Four is set to take place in Dayton, Ohio.

The Final Four will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Baylor Bears were the men’s basketball 2021 NCAA Division I champion.

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March Madness and Your Property

Would you rather watch basketball, or replace that toilet in your rental property. If you are like me, the choice is easy – but if you don’t have the right management company helping you with your property you are going to be replacing the toilet!

With a property management company, you may still be responsible for replacing that toilet – but the management company will handle the repair, and ensure that the bills get paid. Make sure that you know what the management company will do for you, how they will stand beside you and behind you, so that your damage deposits are used to repair the damage

 – Humorous plumber inside toilet with tools and toilet paper

Polaris Property Management knows and understands property management and working with tenants, landlords and owners.  If you have questions about how we can save you time, energy, frustration and keep you from missing that game – give us a call.  You will be surprised at how affordable hiring the right property management team can be. Contact Dan Baldini to set up an appointment!

4 Landscaping Tips to Help Sell or Rent Your Home

  • Use Mulch to Cover Neglected Flower Beds

Mulch is one of the easiest and inexpensive things you can use to spruce up your yard. The vibrant oranges and browns contrast against the green lawn and give the yard a manicured look. No one has to know there are 6 years worth of failed attempts at growing flowers underneath.

  • Use Large Outdoor Planters Near Your Doors

Potted plants near your porch are an easy way to make buyers feel welcomed when they first walk in your home. Don’t be afraid to go big! Large tropical looking plants in a planter that contrasts the exterior of your home will scream warmth and luxury!

  • Keep the Yard Tidy

This may sound silly, but keeping your yard cut AND weedeated does wonders for its appeal. Even if you can’t afford to create an outdoor oasis, the shape of your lawn will color how buyers perceive the maintenance done on the inside of the home. The best part about this is that in most cases, it doesn’t cost anything extra from your budget!

  • Spruce Up the Mailbox

If your mailbox has three names on it and letters that are fading, they may wonder why the house has changed hands so many times. If it looks like your neighbor ran over it, that may not set the best impression about maintenance inside the home or about the driving ability of other homeowners on that block. Everything about your home should make the buyer feel like they can immediately plug themselves in; and trust me when I say they don’t want to plug into a sketchy neighborhood.

If you are considering selling your home or converting it into a part of your financial portfolio of property, this season and aren’t really sure where to get started in prepping your home, contact me at  (317) 707-9743 and I’d be happy to setup a time to chat. Or, you can schedule on my calendar here (click here to schedule).

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