General Rommel.

The mere mention of his name sent shivers down the Allies’ spines.  He was an epic warrior.

The German troops had a saying about his relentless energy and pushing of his troops forward:  “Where Rommel is, there is the front.”

  • He was notorious for watching the uncontrollable weather and taking advantage of sandstorms for camouflaging his troop movements.
    • What can you as a landlord take advantage of with today’s uncontrollable climate?
    • Is Covid a good time to push up your rental rates a tad more aggressively than in year’s past?
  • He knew how to conserve precious fuel.
    • How can you as a landlord conserve your precious “fuel”, also known as free cash flow? 
    • Is it time to open a money market account to earn more interest on spare working capital?
  • He knew how to study new adversaries such as George Patton.
    • Is Zillow still your friendly “neutral rental listing platform” as a landlord or are they now a direct threat and competitor to you?
    • Is the government now a new adversary, even more than in years past, with its overreach vis a vis eviction moratoriums?

We have a joke in our office–the only part of our office chairs worn down are the front edge….it’s a constant push to adapt with the market conditions, competitors, and operating environment.  We like to keep pushing forward, just like Rommel.

Until next time, here’s to your continued pursuit of Financial Freedom!

Dan Baldini

Executive Property Manager




P.S.  If the above questions don’t get your blood flowing and a few nervous ticks moving, either you’re mentally dead or you’re a billionaire.  Nobody has these answers completely figured out perfectly.  That’s the exciting part–the pursuit!