This page is provided to answer questions that are often asked by our current and prospective tenants. If you have additional questions, remember to contact us either by use of the Tenant Web Form, or if it is an emergency, the phone.

Tenant FAQs

How do I submit maintenance requests?
Maintenance requests may be submitted via your Tenant Web Access Portal, located here. That being said, you can also contact your assigned property manager directly via phone or email to address emergency issues. (i.e. no heat, burst pipes, flooding, structural damage to your property, etc.)
Can I buy the home I’m renting?
It might be possible. Let your property manager know that you would like to buy the home and he/she will contact the Landlord to see if they are willing to entertain an offer to purchase.
Can I operate a business, day care, car repair, etc. from my rental home?
No, your lease agreement prohibits operating a business out of your rental property.
What’s trash day and how do I get bins?
Please contact the trash removal company in your area to have new bins delivered. Your property manager will be happy to provide this info.
Who is responsible for pest control?
Pest control falls to the tenant’s responsibility.
Am I responsible for replacing light bulbs/smoke detector batteries?
Yes, Tenants are responsible for replacement of light bulbs and batteries for smoke alarms, garage door remotes, etc. The Polaris team will make sure these items are functional before you move in.
Am I responsible for providing salt if property has a water softener?
Yes, we recommend using the yellow bag of water softener salt available at most hardware stores. Assuming your property does indeed have a water softener, please make sure the salt is at the same level roughly as when you moved in to prepare for your move out.
Who is responsible for lawn care?
Unless provided by the HOA or the Landlord, lawn care is a Tenant’s responsibility. This includes mowing the grass, trimming bushes/shrubs, pulling weeds, and raking leaves.
Can I have a security system/smart lock installed?

Installation of a security system will require approval by the Landlord and a lease amendment. A lease amendment fee will apply. Smart locks are not allowed at this time.

Can I add/remove a tenant on my lease?

If all Tenants agree, removing a Tenant(s) involves a lease amendment, which requires a lease amendment fee. Further, the remaining tenants must still qualify for the property without the removed tenant’s income. Prospective tenants may be added to your lease as determined on a case-by-case basis. Prospective Tenants will need to complete the application process and be approved by the Landlord for addition to the lease.

How to unclog drains?
There are many products for clogged drains that can be found at most hardware stores (plungers, drain snakes, etc.). DO NOT USE CHEMICAL CLEANERS AS THEY WILL DAMAGE THE PLUMBING LINES. As a preventive maintenance measure, you can also pour white vinegar down the drain every 3-4 months to reduce the risk of clogging.
How do I use my fireplace?
Click here to see safety tips for your fireplace. Click here for a tutorial on lighting your gas fireplace. Click here for more info if your property has a wood-burning fireplace.
Can I repaint walls?

If you wish to repaint at your property, please submit the paint color(s) and which rooms you are requesting to paint to your property manager. This is considered an improvement to the property. If the Landlord approves your request to repaint, this requires a lease amendment to allow the improvement and a lease amendment fee. The Landlord may require that the painting be performed by a professional and/or that the original color be restored at the end of the lease.

May I sublease?
Subletting is not permitted at this time.
Can I pay rent with a check?
We do not accept checks or cash as rent payments. Rent can only be paid online at the Tenant Web Access Portal.
When will I get my security deposit back?
You’ll receive a letter within forty-five (45) days of moving out containing your deposit money along with explanations for any deductions.
Do I need to change out the air filter inside the furnace?
Yes, as part of your lease agreement, filters are shipped directly to each property so that the old filter may be replaced. Air filters that are one-inch thick will be sent monthly and four-inch filters will be shipped quarterly. Click here for instructions on replacing the furnace air filter at your property.
Can I make copies of the keys I was given?
It is our policy to either rekey or replace locks after each tenant vacates their property. So, yes! Make as many copies as you would like. We keep a copy locked up at our office as well, should you need any maintenance or repairs to be done while you are not home.
Can I use my security deposit as last month’s rent?
No, this is not permitted as per the lease terms.
When/How can I renew my lease?
If a lease renewal is to be offered by the Landlord, then your assigned property manager will reach out to you approx. 60-90 days prior to your lease end date to let you know the new lease rate and how to re-apply. If you are confident you’d like to renew earlier than this, please contact your property manager directly to begin the process.
Who do I contact to set up utilities?

You will be contacted by FREE Utility Concierge Service with an easy method of having utilities initiated or transferred.

When is my rent due?
Rent payments are due by the 1st of each month at 5pm Eastern Standard Time.
How do I pay rent?
Rent payments are made via your Tenant Web Access Portal. There is also an auto pay option if you’d like to “set it and forget it”.
Is there a late fee?

Yes, if rent is not paid online prior to the deadline, late fees will be incurred.

Why is there a $100 fee when I try to pay my rent online?

This fee is for the use of a credit card. The fee for paying from your bank account is much more affordable. Please be aware that credit card companies may treat the payment as a cash advance and charge additional fees.